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Your Partner for the Journey Ahead

At Apollos Partners we work with our candidates to understand goals, assess their capacity, and provide a clear assessment of the challenges they will face along the way.

Like a Sherpa that informs the decisions of even the most experienced climbers, we leverage knowledge gained from decades of exposure Partnering with those that have charted similar courses to ensure you are equipped for the journey ahead.

We work to chart your optimal path, help you acquire the tools you will need to overcome the obstacles you will encounter, and walk by your side to help you decide the best time to go a different direction.

Even when careers start off strong, it is difficult to anticipate the dead-end just over the horizon, or know where to turn at the fork in the road.  At times you may feel lost, but if you simply stay the course you may reach your destination faster than you would’ve dreamed.

But how would you know?

Our recruiters have partnered with accounting and financial professionals for years. Assisting those that have conquered similar journeys before you. We learned from their successes and challenges. We seek to share that acquired knowledge with our Partners helping them anticipate the unexpected to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

We are Career Sherpas

Helping you define your goals. Finding your optimal route.

Equipping you with the tools to tackle the obstacles on the path ahead.

If you could use a Partner to support your journey, we vow to be a Partner you can trust.

Use you Strengths to Empower Your Success

Salmon are genetically engineered to swim upstream but even they can’t survive it forever.

When we work in positions that conflict with our core strengths, the journey will be taxing. The outcome often dire.

We believe in the fulfilling power of working in a role that aligns with your core strengths, rather than forcing you to constantly overcome your weaknesses.


If you feel like you are swimming upstream, we have partnered with Strengths Zone Atlanta’s Strength’s Assessment Leader, utilizing the renowned Strength’s Finders 2.0 methodology to understand your 5 greatest strengths.

Let’s find a role that leverages rather than suppresses them. You deserve nothing less.

As your partner, we don’t just want you to survive. We want you to leverage your strengths and thrive!

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