time equals money

For Our Clients,

This fundamental principle of finance is the cornerstone of our commitment to Partnership with  you.

As we help you identify exceptional talent for your accounting and financial needs, we respect your time most of all.

For years, we've recruited for organizations large and small helping our clients hire the best accountants and finance professionals around without wasting their energy.

We can do that because, we take the time to understand who you are, how your organization functions, and what you wish to achieve.

Then we execute, with diligence and discretion.

"Diligence requires commitment and competence.
Discretion requires restraint."

Accounting and finance are our core competencies

Our recruiters are former accountants and finance professionals that enjoy leveraging their knowledge to help support our Partners' success.

We’ve studied it.
We’ve done it.
We get it.

We're number junkies at heart too.

At Apollos Partners, we employ the same due diligence we honed through our audit and finance backgrounds to assess talent.  We use the same tenacity to uncover truth with our clients and candidates alike to find the right fit.

We encourage restraint to ensure our recruiters remain true to our fundamental principles.

Saving our Partners time, and by definition money.

Due to that commitment to, and understanding of, the exhaustive nature and real productivity cost of the recruitment process, we work most of all, to identify hires that will stand the test of time.

Work with Apollos to Unleash Your Team's Inner Strength!

Get the Most from the Staff You Have

Build Your Team to Leverage Core Strengths

Work with us to find out your team members' 5 greatest strengths.

Work to put them the best place to succeed. 

Apollos Partners understands trying to fit square pegs in rounds holes leads to inefficiency and endless frustration, but you may have great assets on your team already that isn't being properly leveraged.

We want our clients to get the most out of every person on their team, so we have partnered with Atlanta's assessment leader Strengths Zone, to make sure you are empowered and informed to get the most out of every member of your team.

Call us today to understand how to get the most out of the team you have and build the team you need to succeed.